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Slip-and-Fall Attorney in Texarkana, Texas

Maybe you slipped on a wet floor, or maybe you tripped over misplaced merchandise. No matter how your slip-and-fall accident happened, you deserve compensation for your injuries. If you need a personal injury attorney in Texarkana, TX, look no further than Mowery Law Firm. Attorney Mowery will fight for your right to compensation.

Slip-and-fall accidents can result in broken bones, back injuries and even head injuries. You may have to spend an extended amount of time in the hospital and miss work.

Don't pay for someone else's negligence. Contact a personal injury attorney today to discuss your case.

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Attorney Mowery Will Look Over Every Piece of Evidence

In order to prove the other party was negligent, attorney Mowery will gather as much evidence as possible. During your consultation, he will examine...

  • Photographic evidence

  • Video evidence

  • Witness statements

  • Medical documents

With a personal injury attorney on your side, you'll have a better shot at getting fair compensation for your slip-and-fall accident. Schedule a consultation with attorney Mowery today.