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Product Liability Attorney in Texarkana, Texas

Every year, thousands of products hit the market. Although most products undergo testing for safety, sometimes manufacturers make mistakes. But that doesn't mean their customers should have to pay. If you've been hurt because of a product defect, turn to Mowery Law Firm in Texarkana, TX. Attorney Mowery is a knowledgeable product liability attorney who will pursue fair compensation for your injuries.

You can expect attorney Mowery to be realistic about your chances and help you navigate the legal system. Call now to schedule an appointment with a personal injury attorney.

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Do You Have a Product Liability Case?

There are a few different types of product defects that may result in a product liability lawsuit, including:

  • Design defects-This is when something about the product's design is inherently unsafe.

  • Manufacturing defects-This includes mistakes that are made during the manufacturing or assembly process.

  • Marketing defects- This may include improper labeling, poor instructions or inadequate safety warnings.

To find out if you have a product liability case, get in touch with a personal injury attorney now.